Monday, September 21, 2015

All I can focus on is the feeling of my tits jiggling as Mark fucks me. I did not think I would give in to him so easily, but obviously I was wrong.

When Mark used his magic computer program to transform me, he told me that he would not make me do anything I didn't want to do. As my frame shrank and my manhood vanished between my legs, I refused to give in to what I knew Mark was trying to make me do.

"You can change me however you please, but I will never give in to you" I had told him. Mark only grinned at me and typed on his computer. As soon as Mark pressed enter, I felt my loose fitting male clothes vanish completely. I was now standing fully naked in front of my friend. I tried to cover up, but it was little use. Then Mark began to type once again. Moments later, I felt my chest as is ballooned outward. In a matter of seconds, I could feel two enormous jiggly breasts hanging from my chest. Looking down, I couldn't help but notice my massive cleavage, and my enormous perky nipples as the pressed outward on the the see through pink material which materialized on my chest. This only pressed my giant, perky tits up even more. 

"You sure you don't want to give into me" gloated Mark. I gave him a pissed off look as I shook my head no. Then he brought out the big guns. Mark began to type, and I began to feel my body change. Nothing changes physically this time, but an ache began to grow between my legs. As Mark continued to type, I felt my nipples become rock hard, and my pussy become wet between my legs. Before I could comprehend what was happening, my pussy was not just wet. It was soaked. I could literally feel my female juices as they began to drip down the insides of my legs. Mark was not stopping.

"You can't make me do this" I pleaded as my hands dropped between my legs. I knew that I still had free will, but the increased arousal Mark was forcing upon me was becoming difficult to control. As I frantically began to finger myself in front of Mark, I could literally feel my begging sex pulling my fingers into me. The feelings I felt, as shameful as it was, were incredible. 

"Remember I'm not forcing you to do anything" said Mark as he pulled down his pants. The moment I saw his enormous, rock hard manhood it was all over. I hate to think of it like this, but the moment I saw it, I literally jumped on him. As he slid into my begging pussy, I could not help but scream out in pleasure. 

So as I ride Mark like a bitch in heat, the feeling of my enormous jiggling tits is a reminder of what I am. I can try all I want, but there is no saying no to Mark.

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