Thursday, May 25, 2017

Totally Fucked

This cap features Olivia Austin.

I know that this is Kevin's favorite way to fuck me. He loves knowing how humiliating it is for me to see my huge tits bounce, and to be able to look down between my spread legs and see that my manhood is gone. Instead, I have a perfect view of my wet pussy as he fills it. We both know that deep down I am still a man, but as the nanites continue to warp me, I can do nothing to stop this. And I think Kevin is getting off knowing that. I may hate it, but as I feel my new body wrapped around Kevin's enormous cock, I can't stop myself from pressing against him with my aching, wet pussy to feel him deeper inside of me.

He took all my guy clothes. All he has left me with now is silky lingerie which barely fits. My tits are so big that they constantly try to pop out of my bra, and my bubbly ass bounces with each step that I take. It is all so wrong. But I can't be naked all day, so I've given in to wearing what Kevin has provided me. Things would be worse if I didn't wear any clothes. My mind is so warped now that I can't keep my hands off myself, and if I was naked all day I can only imagine how much worse my mind could get. I have thought about running away. But with the way that I look, I am horrified to think about what would happen to me out on my own wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Plus I'm become addicted. It is so fucked up and wrong, but my entire body is getting more and more addicted to Kevin's cock. 

I know that he designed the nanites to do this to me. But what if he didn't? What if it is simply my own mind becoming addicted. That's what makes it so much worse. It is so wrong, but his perfect cock is all that I think about. When he is gone, I touch myself and think of him. When he is home, I do my best to fight it, but it is a constant losing battle. I have threatened him. Screamed at him and told him how unfair this all is. But he just whips out his cock and I'm finished. All it takes now is the sight of his perfect, rock hard, cock and I'm on all fours with my drooling mouth wrapped around him before I can help myself.

He gets off on humiliating me and treating me like his dirty whore. But I'm horrified to say that I think I am getting off on it as well. It wasn't enough for Kevin to use his nanites to change me into this. The Cruelest thing he did to me was to leave my mind intact. He planted the seed with my uncontrollable addiction to his cock, but he left the rest of my mind unchanged. So as I bend over on my hands and knees, with my big round ass pressed up for him and my legs spread, Kevin pummels my pussy from behind like I'm a bitch in heat. All the while, my body screams out in pleasure and I moan like the whore I am. But within my mind, the old me, the male me, screams out how wrong this is. I should be a man. I should be fighting every second of this. But the nympho I am, the cock addicted plastic slut begs to be treated like a whore. So as Kevin erupts inside my pussy, my entire body orgasms around his cock, and the seed his nanites planted within my brain grows stronger. As I bend over quivering with Kevin still inside of me, a mixture of his cum and my own juices dripping down my inner thighs, I wonder just how much longer I can hold out. How soon will it be until I'm gone completely, and all that is left is Kevin's Bimbo. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Second Puberty

Here is on featuring Lennox Luxe.

As Chris' chest became soft, it felt so weird having a pair of bouncy tits growing from his chest.

As Sean both filled her body from behind, Chris gave into her pent up feelings. Her tits bounced, and her body stretched around him. Nothing had ever felt so right as being filled by her best friend. 

"Oh baby fuck me harder" Chris moaned as she looked back at Sean from all fours. Seeing him from this perspective as he dominantly thrust into her only made her love him more. She felt so submissive, and in that moment she knew what she had wanted all along. Chris pressed back onto Sean as he grabbed her hips and pressed deeper. Then she felt him tense up as his hot seed erupted into her womb. The sensations and the thought of Sean cumming inside of her sent Chris' mind over the edge. She shook as she came harder than she ever had before. Then, as Sean's cum dripped out of her, body quivering from the afterglow, Chris could only hope that Sean's seed had taken hold inside of her. She wanted nothing more than to carry his baby and be his wife after all.