Sunday, October 25, 2015

Becoming a lesbian

It had been at least mostly my idea. At least I want to think that. I had been a happily married man for many years. But when my wife told me that she was no longer attracted to me I did not know what to do. It wasn't me she wasn't attracted to she had told me. She no longer liked men. It had been her secret for years now that she was a lesbian.

Later that week, I found that my wife had been browsing my Facebook. Upon further review I discovered that she had been looking at pictures of my ex girlfriend Tayler. My ex had been a hot little blonde, with a tight body, and tons of sex appeal. That was when I got the idea.

When my wife came home I over excitedly shared my plan. I would use a spell which I had found on the internet to swap bodies with Tayler. Removing any way for her to track me after the swap, I would leave my old body in another state with no way for her to find me after the swap. I could then love as Tayler and still be with my wife.

So now after a long day of travel, and the reciting of a silly spell I wasn't sure would work, the big moment has arrived. I used the spell and amazingly it worked. The world had soun and when it stopped I was in a girly room, with a different body. Feeling so incredibly small, I quickly packed a bag of Tayler's girly clothes and drove to meet my wife.

It did not take her long to undress me. She was kissing me before I could even get through the door. So now as I sit on her lap with my legs spread, my wife has her fingers buried deep between my legs. I moan in feminine pleasure as I realize something. In my new body, I am not only smaller than my wife. But I feel submissive to her. Wondering if this had been her plan all along I give into the pleasure. I am Tayler the lesbian after all.

A life of luxury

I had been overworked and lived paycheck to paycheck for far too long. So when I made a wish on the wishing star I could have never guessed how much my life could change. "I wish life was simple and money wasn't a concern for me. I just don't want to worry about work anymore" is what I had wished as I stated up at the night sky.

The next morning I had woken up in a strange bed with silk sheets. I was nude and my skin was smooth and soft. I could feel two soft mounds of flesh hanging from my chest, and there was an emptyness between my legs. As a muscular arm wrapped around me, and his large erection pressed itself against my back, I knew that somehow something both incredible and terrifying has happened.

That was months ago. It took some time to get used to my new life as the trophy wife if a rich NFL superstar. I live in a mansion where money is no object. I don't have to work anymore and mostly spend my time shopping and making myself pretty. My husband is gone a lot between practices and traveling for games. So I have plenty of time to relax with no worries in the world. But she. He is home I know that it is my only responsibility in life to make my husband happy. So as he hammers me from behind in the shower, I can feel my tits pressing up against the glass. Pressing myself back onto his huge manhood, I find myself moaning like a bitch in heat. The feeling of my man's powerful cock buried deep inside me is unlike anything I could have every imagined before my life changed. It is scary to think, but I think I am getting addicted to it like some cock crazed slut. As he pushes me against the glass, and I press myself onto him even harder, I feel his hot seet erupt inside of me. This is enough to set me off completely as waves of unthinkable pleasure rush through my body. As I begin to shake and quiver from the pleasure, one thought runa through my mind. I am his.