Thursday, May 4, 2017

Second Puberty

Here is on featuring Lennox Luxe.

As Chris' chest became soft, it felt so weird having a pair of bouncy tits growing from his chest.

As Sean both filled her body from behind, Chris gave into her pent up feelings. Her tits bounced, and her body stretched around him. Nothing had ever felt so right as being filled by her best friend. 

"Oh baby fuck me harder" Chris moaned as she looked back at Sean from all fours. Seeing him from this perspective as he dominantly thrust into her only made her love him more. She felt so submissive, and in that moment she knew what she had wanted all along. Chris pressed back onto Sean as he grabbed her hips and pressed deeper. Then she felt him tense up as his hot seed erupted into her womb. The sensations and the thought of Sean cumming inside of her sent Chris' mind over the edge. She shook as she came harder than she ever had before. Then, as Sean's cum dripped out of her, body quivering from the afterglow, Chris could only hope that Sean's seed had taken hold inside of her. She wanted nothing more than to carry his baby and be his wife after all.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Helping Out a Friend

Got the inspiration for a longer series. It features the super hot Riley Reid.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Parasite On the Brain

It's snowy here today, so I'm on a roll! Here is another!

From the second Jeff's two best friend arrived, she was on them. She had still been fucking herself with her toys when they arrived, and she could see in their eyes that the sight of her was a shock. But that only lasted a moment as they took hold of her dainty female body, and used her for what she had been made for. As Jeff pressed her pussy onto one friend and let him fill every inch of her, she wrapped her lips around the other and frantically sucked him. The heightened nerve endings the parasite had given her in her sexual organs drove her mind over the edge.  So as Jeff was mindlessly gang-banged by her two best friends, moaning with pure pleasure as orgasm after orgasm rocked through her,  the parasite in her brain feasted. 

Extra Money On the Side

This cap features Katrina Jade.

It was probably inevitable that Rebecca would suggest that I fuck one of her new guy friends live on my webcam.

I want to say that it took a lot of convincing from her. But deep down I don't think it took much.

So as I get filled from behind by my girlfriend's new boyfriend in front of thousands of jerking off strangers, I try not to think about what I am becoming. The comments being made on the screen only confirms what I already know deep down. There a title after all for a slutty girl who fucks live on the internet for money....Pornstar!