Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Voice in the Back of Your Mind

Here is a quick one featuring Destiny Dixon.

From that moment on, Nate was nothing but a glimmer in the back of Serena's mind. He had been reduced to nothing but a passenger, as Serena took what she had desired for so long trapped in the back of his mind. Serena warped Nate's twisted body into a vessel which craved sex. Built like a porn star, Serena had no problem seducing men.

And that was where her twisted mind was the most cruel. Because Serena did let Nate come back to the surface sometimes. She would have her way with her man of choice. She would seduce him, use her mouth to taste him, and fuck him like a slut in heat.

Then just as Serena's body was nothing but a naked slave to the pleasure of being filled, she would give Nate control. Thrown forward into the middle of a body flushed with female sex hormones, he could feel the strong hands on his hips, and the huge, rock hard cock slamming into him. But he could never do anything. While he had control over his body, the pleasure was so intense, that he could nothing but grind his new female hips onto Serena's lover.

Being pounded from behind, and whimpering with pleasure, Nate would give in. Then, just as her man erupted inside of her, Serena smile as she pushed Nate away, and took control once again. She had the power now, and aside from waving it in Nate's face from time to time, this body belonged to her.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

She Took Everything

This one features Haley Ryder.

I did the only thing I could think to do. I put on the only clothes I was given, and went to Amy's office. With no money, I had to take the bus using spare change I found on the street. And the way the men on the bus stared at me was revolting to say the least. 

When I finally got to Amy's office, I walked in and saw her standing behind the desk. "What the hell did you do to me" I blurted out in a soft, female voice. Amy just gave me a blank, practiced stare and picked up the phone.
"Mam, I do not know who you are" Amy said sternly. "But this is a doctors office and you cannot act this way. So if you don't leave immediately I will call security". As she said this, I could see an evil, satisfied spark in her eye. But I had no choice. So I left.

But then I realized I had no money to get home; not even for the bus. So I began to walk. But I quickly realized as I walked that my balance was so different. Because of the enormous tits I now had, I he'd to arch my back. But this caused me to press out my butt, and press my long legs together. And quickly, I realized that pressing my legs together as I walked made my pussy lips rub together. This very quickly began to make me very wet. And along with that, very horny. 

Amy must have done something beyond just surgically transforming me into a woman. She must have done something to enhance the pleasure centers between my legs. Because the slightest touch of my own legs as they rubbed my pussy together was beginning to drive me crazy. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, I found a five dollar bill on the ground. 

But as I sat on the bus, I quickly found that I had new problems. For starters, I could feel the wetness between my legs as my panties were quickly becoming soaked through. And as I saw me's eyes searching over my body, I had to do everything in my power to stop my hand from dropping between my legs to relieve the aching need I was beginning to feel. Instead I had to sit there with my legs crossed, counting down the seconds until I got home.

And the moment I got home, I stripped off my clothes without even thinking. Spread my legs and dropped my hands to my soaking wet pussy. It was so warm and sensitive as I slipped my finger into myself. And as the pleasure rocked through my body, I began to quiver uncontrolably as an intense orgasm rocked through me.