Sunday, August 30, 2015

From her perspective

Why did I ever let Tayler talk me into this. So I know she was my ex. And I know I was trying to get back with her. But why would I let her talk me into body swapping. Tayler told me that it was her way of seeing our relationship from my perspective. She told me it was all innocent. So with the idea of getting back with her in mind, I had stupidly agreed. The swap was easy. Tayler had blue and pink vials of liquid. She drank the blue on and I drank the pink one. It was not long after drinking that I blacked out. When I woke up, I was a petite female. Blonde hair hung down over my eyes, and I was wet between my legs. The first thing I really noticed was just how small and vulnerable I felt. I was completely disoriented, until I realized that someone was licking me between my legs. Looking down, I saw my old body with its face buried between my legs. My skirt was pulled up, and my polka dot panties were pulled aside, so Tayler (in my male body) could get to my pussy. Unable to control myself, I let out a soft moan as my sensitive, wet pussy sent waves of pleasure through my new body. I suddenly closed my eyes and though to myself, God that feels good. But then, the incredibly alien sensation of having nothing but a wet slit between my legs, and someone pleasuring it, became way too freaky.

"You said this was innocent" I screeched in a high pitched feminine voice. Tayler in my male body lifted her head from between my legs and grinned. In that moment I realized just how small and dainty I was in this female body.

"Oh how naive you are you are" said my old body. It was so strange staring back at myself from this perspective. "I have always wanted to taste my pussy, so I thought I would give it a try. Not going to lie, you taste very nice. And this new body of  mine is quickly becoming very aroused". I looked down suddenly to see that my old body was rock hard. As I stared at the massive erection hanging from my ex girlfriend, I realized that I had begun to drool. I don't know what Tayler had done to me, but I felt my female body literally leap towards my old cock. As I stared up at Tayler's cock from this perspective, I had never realized just how large I had been. Then unable to control myself, I took my old cock between my lips and began to suck. Lookup up at my old face grinning at me, I suddenly saw that Tayler was now filming me with her phone. Suddenly, I was full of shame and embarrassment, but I could not stop. 

"That a girl" said Chris as he looked down at me. "I know that you wanted to get back with me for a long time. So I decided to grant your wish. It seems that in the time we were apart, Tayler became quite the little nympho. Now don't stop sucking you little slut you, this is just the start of a long, kinky relationship". 

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