Sunday, August 9, 2015

asking her to be sluttier

So I told my wife that I wished she could act sluttier and more like a nympho in bed. Little did I know that this was the biggest mistake I could ever make. When I made the comment, I could never have known that Becky was a witch.

"Oh you want a little nympho slut for you to play with huh" asked Becky. "Well then how about we start with a BJ. Before I knew it, Becky was on her kneed sucking my cock. The sensation of having her lips wrapped around my manhood was so good that I did not notice the room begin spin, as my entire perspective changed.

Suddenly, before I knew what was happening, I was down on my knees, and my mouth was full. Sliding in and out between my lips was a rock hard cock.

"Oh don't stop now" said my own body, as it looked down on me. Horrified, as precum dripped onto my tongue, I found that no matter what I did, I could not stop blowing my old cock. I could also feel my tits bouncing as I bobbed my head, and the empty slit between my legs as it quickly became wet. Then my wife spoke again from behind the eyes of my old body.

"This feels good, but you are not slutty enough", said Becky in her manly voice. "Let's make this even more interesting" Suddenly I felt my lips begin to stretch, as Becky's cock grew in my mouth. The girth increased as my own mouth continued to stretch perfectly around it. Similarly, I felt my teeth vanish, and my throat change shape, as grooves formed around the enormous cock sliding further and further down into my own mouth.

"That's better" said Becky as he grabbed my pigtails and pulled my head further onto her enormous member. He was still growing between my stretching lips, as my mouth was literally pulling itself further onto the giant shaft, and further down my sensitive throat. "I was going to tell you I found your fleshlight hidden in your drawer. But you telling me I should act sluttier beat me to it. You had the blowjob lips fleshlight, so now I went ahead and turned your new mouth into a fleshlight to match. And I've got to tell you, you feel amazing". As I felt my lips continue to stretch around Becky's enormous cock, which was now buried deep down my throat, I could not stop myself from letting out moans of pleasure. The sensations I felt between my sensitive lips and throat made me too distracted to even notice that my tits were expanding substantially as well as they hung from my chest.

As my rubber mouth, stretched wide around Becky's enormous member, I pressed my face all the way against the base of his pubes. As I took Becky all the way down my throat, I felt him begin to finger my soaking wet pussy, which was also rubber fleshlight material. I could feel the slickness coming from my mouth and pussy, and realized that it was the exact same consistency as the lube I had used to lube up my fleshlight. I did not know how, but Becky had turned me into his own slutty sex toy. As Becky stretched my wet, rubber pussy, I could feel his enormous cock (now at least ten inches long) buried all the way down my textured throat. And it felt amazing. With Becky sliding in and out of my slippery rubber pussy, I could only imagine Becky slamming his ten inch cock deep into me from behind. That thought drove me over the edge as I felt my first female orgasm erupt through my body. I tried to scream out in pleasure, but the cock buried down my throat, only allowed a muffled moan through. As the girth of Becky's enormous cock stretched my lips farther apart than should have ever been possible, I moaned out in uncontrollable pleasure. I had never wanted anything in my entire life more than to make Becky cum. I was his slutty living sex toy. after all. Then as gallons of hot cum erupted deep in my throat, my entire body felt like it was glowing. I came again, clenched my mouth and throat as tight as I could, and accepted it all.

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