Thursday, June 1, 2017

True Self

Wouldn't it be great if something existed which could bring your deepest desires to the surface?

As my wife crawls past me on all fours, smiling up at me from the floor, I know that I should be jealous of the things she is letting her best friend do to her. She is attached to a fucking dildo leash and being lead around on all fours for Christ sake. 

But strangely I am not jealous. My wife really has taken to being her mistress' plaything. And I have never seen her so happy.

I am glad that the two of them are happy. But this is still so wrong. I know that my wife no longer has any feelings towards me sexually, but shouldn't she care about the fact that I am in the room next to her, moaning like a whore as I impale myself on the massive cock of the guy I recently met at the gym. But as he slaps my round ass, and stretches my wet pussy, I realize that our old lives are gone. My wife is no longer my wife. She is just one of my two lesbian roommates. And as for me, well I guess I'm just the slutty roommate who brings random guys home. But as I squeeze my pussy muscles around this hunk's cock, and crave to be filled with his hot cum, I know that deep down this is what we all really wanted. 


  1. Delicias,que tesão,que vontade de socar este pau que ficou muito duro aqui,beijos...