Thursday, June 29, 2017

A dish and wet?

This amazing story was made by Ally on Rachelshaven for me. It was so good I had to put it up.

"Really Ashley, you invite me over to talk and I come in to find you all chained up and naked. I'm flattered, really I am, but I'm with Becky. You know that." Chris said. Honestly he was tempted. Ashley was one hot girl, she was kinky and liked sex more than any girl he knew. But great sex was not enough."You're sure I can't tempt you?" Ashley pouted. "I'm all chained up and completely at your mercy..." she batted her eyes.Chris sighed. "I am tempted but no-" The room suddenly twisted oddly and Chris suddenly found himself looking up at...himself!? "What-" his voice was high and girlish. Air tickled his skin and he felt an aroused tingle in his loins and chest. He looked down, eyes widening. Breasts? Rounded globes with pert nipples sat on his chest and his legs were spread to expose a clean shaven sex. No cock. No balls. Just the puckered lips of a pussy. Ashley's familiar pussy. "-the?!" She was chained up on the bed in Ashley's naked and very horny body. She pulled against her chains. They held. She felt exposed and embarrassed. This was -

She blinked as her body started to undress. "What are you doing?"

"You broke my heart Ashley. Running off with Becky. So I'm making you pay. The charm swaps us. But if we orgasm we stay in each other's bodies. This way you and I have to be together."

"Orgasm? Sex?!" She pulled against her ties. The idea was alien to her but the sudden increased tingling in her groin suggested that she would enjoy it, "no. Please. I'm a guy. You can't have sex with me ... not like this. I don't want to be stuck!" Ashley said.

Chris laughed. "Now here is the thing. I always orgasmed when I was Ashley. You always orgasmed when you were Chris... who wants to bet we will both orgasm. Better get used to tits and a pussy Ashley... " Chris advised as he climbed naked onto the bed. Ashley stared at the cock. Erect cock. Her old cock. It looked so big now. It approached her lips. Ashley was always tight and hot. She was now. Chris rubbed his head against her lips and she struggled against her bonds, tried to move away. It felt good though. His head started to slip inside and she went still. She swallowed. Rocked her hips tentatively. It felt too good. She rubbed herself against him and he slid in deeper. This half penetration was maddening. He was teasing her. Like she once teased this body.

"Stop it. Please ... fuck me!" She begged heedless that it would trap her. She needed it to much. He smirked and thrust into her. She moaned and struggled to meet his thrusts. Being chained up made it hard. She was so helpless. So controlled. So completely his, lost in her need. "Deeper! Harder. Please!"