Monday, March 16, 2015

wifely body swap

So Becky told me that we needed to spice up our sex life. She gave me a potion and told me to drink it and I did. So when we swapped bodies it was quite a shock at first. But the feelings I felt quickly became addictive. Having breasts and a plump bubble butt took some getting used to. And wearing Becky's clothes (including bra and panties) felt so strange. But the oddest part was how small I felt. I was so small and dainty, especially when staring at my old body. But seeing my wife in my old body acting so dominating and manly was really turning me on. 

So with each passing moment I tried to fight my urges, but my new body was becoming more and more aroused by the second. I could feel the wetness between my legs as I stared at my wife's muscles. Is it wrong to be turned on by yourself? Because I was definitely getting there. I knew that Becky was waiting for me to make the first move. It was all part of the game after all. So when I finally gave into my urges and literally pounced on her, I knew that Becky had won. 

I could not get her naked fast enough, as I tore off Becky's shirt, to reveal her strong muscular chest. My hands quickly dropped to her waist, undid her belt, and unzipped. Before I knew it, I had Becky's (my old) rock hard in my hand and I was frantically rubbing it while Becky kissed me. Feeling my old manhood between my fingers felt familiar (I had masterbated enough before to know my own body), but it felt strange from this perspective. I could also feel just how turned on and wet my pussy was getting, and I knew that I needed more. 

Before I realized it, Becky used her strong body to literally pick up and carry me to the bed. She tore off my panties, flipped me around, and pulled my wet, waiting pussy down onto her face. As Becky used her tongue on my sensitive clit, the pleasure rushed through me. Unable to stop myself I wrapped my lips around her rock hard cock and began to blow her. My hips were bucking and my body was working on its own as I gave the best blowjob of my life. I was a slave to my wife's body, and I was loving every second of it. Would we ever switch back? At this point I did not know. But I also did not care. In this moment of pure pleasure as I felt orgasmic waves rippling through my body, I existed for one purpose, and that was to satisfy my man. Then finally, once the man I was frantically sucking off grabbed my petite body and spun me around, he entered me for the first time. In that instant I knew that it was over. There was no going back after this. Being Becky just felt too good. I knew that my strong husband would take care of me. And I would definitely take care of him; in each and every way he wanted me to. I moaned in pleasure and pressed my body back towards him as I bucked my hips with his rhythm. He was in utter and complete cointrol of me. I am his wife after all.

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