Monday, February 23, 2015

Getting closer with my wife

My wife Becky always told me that she wanted us to be closer. Our love life was dwindling and I did not know what to do to spice things up. So one day, Becky came to me with a mischievous look in her eye.

"I want to spice things up sexually" Becky said to me. "We have been boring lately, and I think I found just the solution". Becky pulled out a remote control and before I even realized that she was pointing it towards me, I saw her push the button.

As soon as the button was pressed the room became a blur around me. It was as if I phased out of reality for a second, then back in. When I phased back in though, everything felt wrong. Becky was still standing there, but where I had always been much taller than her before, I actually found myself looking up at her. That's when I realized just how small I was. Looking down at myself, I realized that I was small and dainty. Long brown hair fell down over my shoulders......and I had tits!

"Don't freak out babe" said Becky. "I will change you back. I just got my hands on this transformation remote and figured we could have a little fun".

Figuring it was worth a shot to have a very interesting afternoon with my wife, I figured I would go with it. We spent the afternoon at the mall shopping together. I had to wear Becky's clothes to go out (which was strange), but before long I seemed to be filling in just right as Becky's girlfriend. Trying on outfits was fun, but when Becky began flirting with the hunky store clerk at the GAP, it felt strange. She could tell I was getting uncomfortable, but gave me a look that said "just go with it".

I went along with it, acting flirty myself, and that's how I ended up here. I am completely naked and wet between my legs as I suck a man's rock hard cock. Becky had brought the man home with us, and somehow got me to play along as we seduced him. I'd kissed Becky in front of him as we danced and stripped together, then Becky crawled to one side of him, and I crawled to the other. I was not sure how I felt to see my wife sucking off a stranger in front of me, but it was turtning me on. So when she pushed his cock towards me, I took him into my mouth and began to give my first BJ. I had seen enough pornos to know what to do, and the guy seemed to be emjoying it. As I take on the role of a slutty girl, I realize just how turned on I am getting. And as Becky watches me, I can tell she is getting turned on as well. As the man pulls my mouth off of him, climbs around me, and takes me from behind, I kiss my wife and whisper "I love you".

Becky passionately kisses me back, and whispers "show me how much". She then spins around and crawls underneath me, and while I can still feel a huge cock sliding in and out of my body, I can also feel Becky's tongue as it licks my sensitive clit. Unable to control myself through the intense pleasure rushing through me, I bury my head in her wet pussy and go to town. I moan out into my wife's pussy, and can feel her moaning into mine. We both orgasm at the same time and as my body shakes with pleasure, and a stranger continues to pump me from behind, I think to myself that my wife and me have never been closer.

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