Thursday, January 3, 2019

Moo Cow

Kevin loved his wife. He had always thought she was sexy, but had always wished she had bigger breasts. So when he found the "Breast Grow" formula online, he thought it was too good to be true. Unfortunately, Kevin had told his best friend Chris about them.
Somehow, while at Chris' house, all of the "Breast Grow" formula had wound up in Kevin's lunch. Kevin's body began to change almost immediately. The mass of Kevin's muscles atrophied, while his skin became soft and smooth. Long locks of red hair fell down over his shoulders as his face and lips became feminine. The tendons in his ankles grew tight, forcing him to wear high heels. And as Kevin's manhood began to shrink away, his ass and chest began to swell. By six o'clock, Kevin was unrecognizeable as a man. Knowing that he could not go home looking like this, Kevin asked Chris if he could stay over.
When Kevin woke the next morning, he felt a massive, aching weight on his chest. As he tried to roll over, he realized that he was naked, and two enormous, full breasts hung from his chest. In an attempt to roll over onto all fours, one of Kevin's breasts bumped into the couch causing milk to spurt out from his nipple. He reached up to cup his sensitive, engorged nipple with his hand. As he felt the wet milk that had come out of him, Kevin felt a different wetness between his legs. As his hand shot down between them, he realized that he was no longer a man at all. Instead, where his own manhood should have hung, all Kevin felt was a smooth, hairless, slippery opening. And it was so sensitive.
"You need to be milked" Kevin heard Chris say from a chair across the room. As she looked up, Kevin could only imagine how she must look on all fours, with massive tits hanging, and her hand buried between her legs. "That breast growth formula that you drank requires that someone other than you milk you at least twice a day" Chris continued. As he said this, Kevin could feel the pressure building within her breasts. She could also feel an aching wetness growing between his legs "I can milk you if you would like me to". The ache was so strong, that Kevin couldn't resist.
         "Please milk me" Kevin heard herself beg. Still on all fours, Kevin watched Chris begin to walk towards her. As he did, so, he began to take off his clothes. He positioned himself behind her, and as Kevin felt Chris' strong hands grab hold of her round ass, she felt the heat from his hard member as it nuzzled up between her legs. Kevin shuddered, as Chris' rock hard cock spread her pussy lips apart, as he pressed himself into her sensitive, slippery, opening. As Chris began to thrust himself into her, he reached around with one hand and squeezed Kevin's breasts.
Milk spurted from Kevin's tits, as she thrust herself back onto Chris for relief. The release of pressure from within her aching breasts felt so good, that Kevin began moan out loud. Something in her brain began to associate that sensation with the feeling between her legs, because it didn't take long for Kevin to begin bucking her hips needfully onto Chris. But then a horrible thought crossed Kevin's mind. What if Chris took total control over her? And what would her family think when Kevin simply disappeared. As Kevin bucked her hips onto Chris, and felt her every tits swing with each thrust, she tried to voice her concern. But as she began to speak out, Chris squeezed her breast even harder than before. As hot spurts of milk erupted from her udders, Kevin was struck with mind shattering pleasure. "Moooooo" was all that Kevin could moan out as a quivering orgasm washed through her.

Model: Lennox Luxe

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  1. Kevi as she was now know as was a great fuck Chris never got tired of her but over the next 18 months Kevi started to change always being on all fours her body grew and shrank to the point she could no longer stand on two legs her arms grew longer and her legs shortened her low back changed and her ass grew bigger. Chris could not get enough of his old friend now lover that he was around for sex all the time. Kevi now walked on all fours standing 4' 5" her neck had change so she could look straight a head with out haveing to strain her neck. Kevi hands had turned into fist like stubs and her feet had shortened into weird 3 toe feet. All the while Kevi tail bone started to grow she had a 1 foot flesh colored tail that swung around. by this time the changes were to much and she just Moooed when ever her tong had grownso she could drink out of a bowl. Chris never eralized that he was changing also his dick had become this strange extra long locking dick to get past Kevi big ass. No one ever heard from Chris or the sexy red head again till they tried to sell the house they found this strange female cow and a two legged bull having sex in what was once a house now you could only call it a barn. morel to this story be careful what you by it might change your life for ever.