Thursday, August 31, 2017


 As I stood there impaled on the dildo, I could feel my body is it began to slide up and down. My opening was stretched so far, and I could feel my own pussy juices as they dripped out of me.

"You definitely look the part now" she said to me as she looked me in the eye. "But you can't have all the fun". She stepped aside, and I my best friend standing there. But he was naked, and his cock was rock hard. My pussy was already drooling between my legs, but as he approached me my mouth began to drool as well. I gained full control as he shoved his cock in front of me. And with him inches from my mouth, I could not stop myself from grabbing hold of him.

 With the dildo still inside of me, I was forced to lean forward. This only forced my face closer to him. My entire field of vision was focused on the enormous hardness of his manhood, and Becky spoke one last time.

"You have total control now. Just tell me to change you back and turn things back to normal, and I will". But she had implanted urges that she knew I could never resist. And as I slipped my dick supping lips across his hot cock, there was no way to turn back.

I licked his enormous head, and could taste his precum. The feeling alone of him as my lips opened for him almost put me over the edge right there. But then as he backed away from me, I frantically bolted after him. The dildo slipped out of me and I fell onto my knees in front of him. Then as I needfully opened my mouth to him, I wrapped my big, fat lips around his monster cock and took him down my throat. With my face buried deep into his pubes, and my mouth sucking like a crack whore in need of a fix, waves of pleasure washed through me, as I came. As I kneeled there shaking, still he pulled out and erupted across my face. Be careful what you watch on the internet, you just might become it. 

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