Monday, April 18, 2016

Better sex life

Recently, my wife and I's sex life had been practically non existent. Both of use had been too tired or not in the mood. Well, she was never in the mood. I thought she was sexy as hell. She had an amazing ass, and I always fantasized about her acting like the big booty porn stars I liked to look at on the internet.

One day, we were both snowed in at home and I was in the mood. I had looked at some big booty porn, and I was feeling horny.

"We should have some fun today" I said to her with a wink". I put my hand on her leg and whispered in her ear "I'm really horny today".

My wife pushed my hand off of her leg and looked me in the eye. "I am not in the mood because I just don't feel sexy" she said. My ass has gotten so fat, and it just feels enormous".

"Your ass is amazing" I said to her. "There is nothing hotter than a big bubble butt". 

"Is that so" answered my wife. "In that case, we will have sex today, but I want to mix things up. Give me a minute to get ready".

I sat there on the couch waiting as I could hear my wife getting changed up stairs. When she came down, all she was wearing was a lacy, see through set of stockings. Her tits hung free, but what I noticed was her amazing budankadunk. As my wife approached, she quickly straddled me as she climbed onto my lap. She began passionately kissing me like she had not done in years. I was immediately turned on, as I could feel my member growing rock hard in my pants. My wife's hand quickly dropped down as they undid the button. In a matter of seconds my pants were on the floor, and my wife's hands were rubbing my cock. 

"Do you want me" she whispered seductively into my ear. I could feel the wetness between her legs as she grinded her body against my member. With my hands wrapped around her bubble butt, I nodded.

Then room spun. It was hard to describe, but where I had been beneath my wife looking up at her before, in a matter of moments, I was looking down. My legs were spread as I was mounted on a man. I could feel two firm, masculine hands wrapped around my ass, and realized that I was actually grinding my slick crotch onto something hot and rock hard. That's when I realized that I was looking down at myself.
Before I could comprehend exactly what was happening, I was lifted off of myself and spun around. "What are you doing" I screamed in a feminine voice as I was bent over the table. As I looked back to see what was happening, I felt a my wife's enormous cock slide into me from behind. As she entered my for the first time, my wife used my male body's strong hands to slap me on my round ass. This made my ass jiggle as she grasped me by the hips and pounded me. 

"Ughghow diiid youuuuu do thisssssssss" I moaned through waves of pleasure as I was filled by my own large cock. The sensation of being penetrated was becoming distracting. I began to moan out as waves of pleasure flowed through me. As my balls slapped against my sensitive clit, I became lost in the pleasure. With each thrust, my ass bounced and jiggled.

"Now I see why you like my butt so much" said my wife from my old body. "I had never realized that being on the giving end of this made you feel so strong and powerful". The realization hit me that I was being fucked by my wife who was in my male body. This thought, and the sensations running through me, put my new body over the edge. In pure pleasure, I screamed out a slutty moan as I came in my wife's body for the first time. Just as I felt my pussy muscles clench tight around my wife's hard cock, I felt her grab hold of my round ass she she erupted inside of me. As I bucked my hips and felt my wife's hot seed fill me, I came for a second time. 

"I think I we might have to stay this way for while" gloated my wife as slapped me on the ass and pulled out of me. "Just so you know babe, I stopped taking my pill a couple months ago. So I hope you enjoy my body, because I have a feeling that sexy ass and those sexy tits are about to get a lot bigger. And you babe, you are going to look damn good with big round belly". As her seed dripped out from between my legs, all I could do was stare at my asshole wife in disbelief.      

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