Monday, February 8, 2016

Losing the weight loss challenge

When I made the weight loss challenge with Scott, I could have never known that he would take it this far. We both had started working out together at the gym, and he brought the idea up of a fun little bet. Whoever lost the most weight in one months time, got absolute control over the other for a full afternoon. Figuring it was all in good fun, I had agreed.

One month later as I stepped off the scale, I reluctantly accepted the fact that he had beaten me.

"You win bro" I said as I shook his hand. "Looks like I am at your mercy for the rest of the day". I figured that by losing, Scott would make me clean his house or make him dinner or something. I could never have been more wrong.

"Strip off your clothes and put these on" said Scott as he handed me a tiny pair of pink panties. I started to laugh at his joke, when suddenly before I knew what was happening, I began to strip off my clothes. Moments later, I was in absolute horror as I stood fully nude in front of my friend and began to slide the silky panties up my manly legs. In horror, I realized that I could not speak or resist, what was happening. It seemed that somehow, Scott really did have total control over me. Then it got worse.

As I slowly slid the panties up my masculine legs, I could see my hair quickly vanishing as they became soft and smooth. Additionally, the masculine muscles smoothed out, leaving behind smooth, petite, feminine legs. Then before I knew it, I felt the panties slide snug into place. Immediately it felt wrong. Where I should have felt my manhood pressing out against the fabric of the panties, I felt nothing. They rested snug against my flat crotch.

"Ok hot stuff" said Scott. "You can take those off now". As I quickly fell to the floor and slid off my panties, I was horrified to see a smooth, slit nestled between my feminine legs. As as sat there with my legs spread to get a better view of my female pussy, I looked up to see Scott staring down at me with an evil grin.

"Now get up and bend over for me" ordered Scott. I could see Scott strip naked as I stood up from the floor. Just as my body turned around for him, I could see Scott pull out his enormous, rock hard cock. I felt my feminine slit become wet immediately.

I suddenly felt Scott as he grabbed me from behind and entered me. He was not slow or gentle as he took me from behind. He grabbed my hips and thrust into me with his hot, enormous member. I let out a loud, high pitched, feminine moan. As Scott penetrated me from behind, I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. Even though my legs were soft, I was still taller than Scott. That did not last for long.

As Scott fucked me like I felt the rest of my body begin to change. It was as if each thrust pushed the transformation further. As my chest began to inflate, I felt my muscular figure begin to shrink. It was not long before my frame was soft and slender like a woman. Long blonde hair fell down over my face, and I could feel my dripping wet pussy squeezing tight against Scott's enormous member. Two soft mounds of flesh now hung from my chest and were bouncing as Scott pumped in and out of me. My face was soon neat the bottom of the locker I was pressed against, as I felt my body continue to shrink. Buried deep inside of me, Scott was literally fucking the manhood out of me. I turned my head back to realized that now I was looking up at Scott. From my perspective Scott looked enormous. As my petite female form pressed back onto him, I realized just how small and feminine I had become. By this point, it literally felt like Scott was filling my entire body with his enormous cock. I could see my reflection in the mirror, and realized just how unrecognizable I had become. My face was familiar, but aside form that, all that was left was a petite, teenage, blonde slut who was getting her brains fucked out.

I began to moan in pleasure as the urges of my female body took over. As waves of pleasure took me over the edge, I felt my pussy muscles clamp around Scott as I began to orgasm for the first time. Through screams of feminine pleasure I could barely hear Scott as he whispered into my ear.

"If I cum inside you you know you are stuck like this forever" said Scott. "I will have absolute control over you both mentally and physically. Just tell me if you want me to stop". I can only imagine that my mind could not react to this, because moments later I felt Scott filling me with his hot cum. I screamed out in absolute pleasure as I felt a massive second orgasm. From that moment on, I was his.

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