Monday, June 15, 2015

Free Porn

Chris could feel the huge dicked stranger's balls slapping against her sensitive pussy as he slammed in and out of her tight ass. She could also feel her bubbly fat butt jiggle with each thrust. Just that morning Chris had not been a female at all. In fact, he was a guy with the day off of work. With his wife gone, Chris began browsing the internet for porn. Chris hated paying, so he used illegal password hack sites to get to the good stuff. Finding a new site Chris had never seen before, he clicked the link and quickly came across a video of an amazing brunette wearing practically nothing. She had huge fake tits, a large round ass, and was bent over as a muscular man with a huge cock fucked her in the ass.

As soon as he hit play, Chris' vision began to spin. As entire room became a blur, Chris immediately became disoriented. As quickly as it began the room stopped spinning, but everything had changed. For starters, Chris was no longer sitting in his computer chair, but sprawled out on all fours with his ass in the air and his legs spread apart. A cool breeze rushed between Chris' legs as he realized that he was naked except for some tight, silky fabric pressed tight against his long smooth legs, Then, just as Chris realized that he had two enormous tits pressing down into the floor, a huge, hot object pressed into him from behind.

Looking back in horror, Chris could only look between his long, smooth legs. Where Chris' manhood should have hung, was now a smooth slit. Looking back between his legs, Chris could also see his picture coming from a video feed for the camera mounted behind him. Somehow he had become the girl in the video. And oh what a girl she was.

"Welcome to the show" said the man from behind Chris. You wanted free porn, well now you get to be a part of it. That body was made for sex, let's see what it can do". The man began thrusting harder.

As the stranger's balls slapped against her sensitive pussy, Chris could feel herself getting wetter by the second. Her round ass was acting as a cushion for the stranger as he slammed himself in and out of her. As horrifying as it was, Chris' new hyper sexed porn star body began to give in to the sensations of being filled from behind. In that moment, Chris let out a soft moan of pleasure, stopped fighting it, and gave in for good.

"Fuck me like a dirty whore" screamed Chris as she began to buck her hips back onto the man's huge member. She knew that the whole world was watching her over the internet, and that was only turning her on more. It was only the beginning.

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