Friday, May 15, 2015

Going Too Far?

What scared me the most when I first put on the pendant was not how my body was changing, but how much I liked it. At first the changes were subtle. My hair grew longer and my body became soft and smooth. To my surprise, the first thing to go was my penis. My chest were only beginning to develop by the time my manhood shriveled away completely. What was left behind was my sensitive new femininity. As strange as it was to have a vagina, I could not take off the pendant. It got me too excited.

I knew that as long as I kept wearing the pendant, my body would continue to change, and change it did. It was subtle at first, but before long, the changes became much more extreme. While my body was beginning to take on a more feminine shape, the extreme changes were focused on my chest. What had once been small soft nubs of breasts quickly grew. They felt strange when they became the size of softballs, but the way they jiggled when I moved got me very excited. So it is an understatement to say that the way they hang from my chest now drives my new body crazy with desires I never knew I could have. My tits (which is the only way to describe them now) hang from my chest the size of basketballs. They jiggle with each movement I make, and they are so sensitive. I know that as long as I keep this pendant on, the changes will not stop, but I just cannot take it off. Just the thought of these things getting any bigger makes me want to finger myself stupid. In fact I think I just might do that after my shower.

The changes have continued. While my chest finally stopped growing, the changes moved elsewhere. My hair turned blonde for starters. I guess this body just demands to be a bimbo. Considering the size of my tits, that is not much of a stretch. The most significant change though when my breasts stopped growing was the shift to my ass. By this point, I had feminine curves already, but my ass had been relatively small. Over the course of a week though, I could feel my ass grow with each step I took. It was not long before I could get my ass to shake and jiggle like the big booty women I had seen so many times before in music videos. That's why I decided to have some fun and play dress up. I used to be so turned on by hot women in skimpy 80's workout outfits. So I figured that it was necessary to make myself into one. I put on the headband and a super thong, which shows off what can now only be described as my massive bubble butt. It is so very strange feeling this massive weight hanging from my chest, while my huge ass sticks out from my backside. But my tits and ass sure do look good as they fill the short skirts and small tops I wear around. And boy do I get attention from men now. It doesn't hurt that my center of balance has changed so much that I have to literally wiggle my ass and hips each time I step so that I won't fall over in the tall heels I like to wear. So as I stand here now jiggling my ass, and feeling my massive tits flopping around on my chest, I can feel my body putting me over the edge. My pussy is so wet, and I can only imagine where this is going to go if I do not take off the pendant. But by this point it is almost like a drug, and I'm not sure I can do that. I guess I will just have to ride this out. 

I think I might have let this get too far. Not to say I don't love the feeling of having two guys inside of me, while I suck off another. But the fact that I am getting paid for them to film this is a little much. In my own defense though, I could see myself changing the entire time, and I should have guessed that the endgame was me being a slutty porn star. I guess it doesn't matter because I can't do anything about it now. The pendant made my craving for cock so strong that I could not do anything without thinking about getting fucked or sucking dick. Or both! My body was designed for this after all. My huge ass shakes, and my massive tits bounce as I get fucked. I have also learned that I am really good  at using my mouth to deep throat a cock, while using my tongue to massage the shaft. It must be a skill I never knew I had. I go by Titsy Jiggles now, and my agent tells me that I am the new sensation in internet porn. I'm not going to lie. While I think I let this get too far, I'm loving every second of it.

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