Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloween Trick (or treat?)

There are many ways to worship your new master's cock.

And just because Halloween ends, does not mean the tricks have to stop.

Or the treats......

Model: Abella Danger

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Something New

    “Wait what do you mean you forgot to tell me?” I plead with my legs behind my head. I can feel the heat of his cock radiating into my ass as he bounces me onto him. “You told me this was all reversible”.

     “Well hun” teased Rachel my girlfriend. “It’s all reversible, as long as you don’t come in contact with a man’s cum. Unfortunately, you have let Alex cum into you female body multiple times now”. As I look down at Rachel as she begins to sucks Alex’s balls once again, I can feel the pressure growing within me as my new body edges closer to orgasm. As my muscles begin to shudder, I feel myself squeeze tight around Alex’s cock, as the pressure erupts within me.

     “I know I convinced you to try something new” teased Rachel as I came onto Alex’s cock; him continuing to bounce my petite body onto like a living sex you. As she said this, I was horrified at how turned on I was to watch my girlfriend licking a stranger’s balls. “I should have told you sooner, but I’ve been seeing Alex here for months now. He is way more of a man than you ever were. So I decided it was only fair to turn you permanently into the person I see you as now”.

     “Oooooh uuugggh” I moaned, still cumming. “Buuuut what about uuussssssss”.

     “Us!” laughed Rachel as she ran her tongue up Alex’s cock to lick my dripping wet pussy. As her tongue touched my sensitive clit, I get my body cum even harder. “I thought that was obvious hun. I’ll let my real boyfriend fuck you if you want, but you are now nothing more to me than a friend”. LICK LICK. “But you can be my slutty, petite friend from now on. We can go shopping and clubbing together. Heck, I will even help you meet guys. Judging by what you have let Alex do to you, I bet we can make a freaky nympho out of you. Guys are going to love you”. As she said this, I felt her lips press against my sensitive, wet opening, as her tongue penetrated into me. As she did this, I felt Alex quiver in my sensitive ass, as he erupted his hot seed into me. The combination of Rachel and Alex, and the way my new body was being used, sent me over the edge again. I could do nothing, but cum harder in orgasmic bliss.

Funny thing is, with the right stimulus, and the right triggers from the people
 close to you, irresistible urges can grow from within, whether you like or not.